Friday, September 30, 2011

Cutting Edge: Paper Cuts by Ryohei Tanaka & Qiao Xiaoguang

This month and through October 15th Cullom Gallery is showcasing the work of two contemporary paper cut artists: gallery favorite and Tokyo native, Ryohei Tanaka; and Beijing-based Chinese artist Qiao Xiaoguang. The exhibit, Cutting Edge: Contemporary Paper Cuts by Ryohei Tanaka and Qiao Xiaoguang, offers two decidedly different takes on contemporary paper cutting from two cultures with deep roots in paper cutting traditions.  Below are a few installation shots.  You can also see the complete online exhibit hereTomorrow, October 1st, Qiao Xiaoguang's Beijng gallerist, Jan Leaming, will give a talk at Cullom Gallery at 2 pm.  Jan will offer insights into the rich history of paper cutting in China, the role of mythology and folk art in Professor Qiao's paper arts, and the future of contemporary Chinese folk art.  More on Jan's talk and other US events for Professor Qiao coming soon.
Qiao Xiaoguang (b. 1957)  (left) Food Recipe (right) Humans and Animals
Qiao Xiaoguang (b. 1957) several paper cuts from Qiao's Urban Landscape series
Ryohei Tanaka (b. 1977) Cutting Edge... Installation view
Ryohei Tanaka (b. 1977)  (left) Iroha (right) The Myth