Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seattle's Aaina Festival

Dovetailing nicely with the strong female themes of Mugi Takei's drawings currently on the wall at the Gallery, is the upcoming the Aaina Festival at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, March 25 - 27, which showcases artistic work of South Asian women through performances, film, art and workshops. The festival includes performances of Yoni Ki Baat (an adaptation of The Vagina Monologues).  I will not miss it.  Here's the press info I received this morning.
YONI KI BAAT 2011 (inspired by The Vagina Monologues)Presented by Tasveer in collaboration with the Gardner Center for Asian Arts & Ideas at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, March 25-27
SEATTLE, WA,  March 8, 2011  - Tasveer is proud to present Yoni Ki Baat (inspired by The Vagina Monologues) during the 6th Aaina festival, at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, March 25-27. Yoni Ki Baat, directed by Shahana Dattagupta, is a collection of authentic, bold, and powerful stories that are sourced, written, and narrated by local South Asian women.
Yoni Ki Baat will showcase 16 stories that connect the dots to form a master narrative, which asks important questions about gender, patriarchy, abuse and oppression, and also paints a bold vision for exercising choice and celebrating body, sexuality and love. The narratives are as much daring questions and challenges posed to the world, as they are baring reflections of ourselves in the mirror, in the true spirit of Aaina. Visit www.yonikibaatblog.com to preview the program and meet the performers.
A complete schedule of events for the 6th Aaina can be found at www.tasveer.org.Tickets can be purchased through The Seattle Art Museum website (www.seattleartmuseum.org).
Though Yoni Ki Baat will illuminate issues relevant to South Asian women, we hope to draw a diverse audience since issues discussed are pertinent to women and men from a range of cultural and geographic backgrounds.
ABOUT TASVEERTasveer, “picture” in Hindi/Urdu, is a Seattle-based grassroots community organization that is committed to bringing independent progressive South Asian films and artists to the Pacific Northwest. Visit www.tasveer.org for more information. Aaina is produced by Tasveer in collaboration with the Gardner Center for Asian Arts & Ideas.

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