Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan, Japan, Japan

Like everyone I have talked to in the past two days, the devastation endured by Japan on Friday is consuming my thoughts, and anxieties, and prayers. It is hard to comprehend what has happened. A sickening awareness grows though as I watch from a helpless position behind the computer, as a trickle of reports from deeper inside the destroyed area are posted at the BBC or Asahi Shimbun's online coverage. I am grateful for some amazing coverage there and many other sources. I am especially thankful for the science and environmental desk at BBC for their level-headed interpretation of information about the overheated Fukushima nuclear reactors. Again, praying that that second disaster is contained.

I have spoken to or shared email with all artists who show at Cullom Gallery who either live in Japan or have family there. I am so relieved to report that all are personally safe. Please keep your thoughts with the people of Japan.

Here is a blog post from Annie Bissett that is a sad delight to read - photo memories of her trip with Lynn to Tohoku in 2004. My sense of grief is magnified by a new awareness of the beauty and majesty of the region and its people, a place I never got to before this hell passed through it.

From the blog, Woodblock Dreams by Annie Bissett

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